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Mechanical Surveys

If you are searching for a new yacht or need an assessment of your current vessel, Diesel Systems can relieve some of the stress and concern over what is going on in the engine room. We offer a detailed mechanical survey including engine and systems inspection to determine if there are mechanical issues.


Most standard inspections are about 4-5 hours at a modest cost.



We assess current maintenance issues, including: Cooling system pressure, engine and battery systems, engine alignment, exhaust system, turbo check, air induction system, pre-heat alarms, controls and gauges, gear boxes, packing glands and all generator sets.


Performance Check

We provide engine performance evaluation and functionality checks during sea trials. Here we match hull speeds to engine rpm. Observation notes are then documented and findings produced.


Oil Testing

Oil testing from all engines and gear boxes are important benchmarks. These tests are conducted after sea trials, while the oils are yet hot. The result will determine if internal issues are present. A written report will then be prepared, listing all information such as type, model, serial number, hours, test results, sea trials notes, oil test reports and estimate cost of repairs.


Optional Advanced Engine Inspection Checks

Depending on engine brand and model certain advanced testing procedures are available. We provide Bore Scope, compression testing, leak down testing, battery load testing, magnaflux, die check and more, depending on issues needing attention.


Detailed mechanical inspection surveys can prevent buyer's remorse and give peace of mind to those owning a yacht that all engine systems are running smoothly with peak performance.

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